Welcome to Hometastic v4.0

Management Company Benefits

Management companies using the DataTrust by Advantos Property Management Software system can use Hometastic websites for all their associations. This low cost, additional software product has many advantages for the management company:
The HOA websites can be synchronized with your own corporate website to provide seamless transfers and a professional appearance. If you don't have a company web site, we'll create it for you in minutes. If you do, that's ok. Either way, homeowners can go to your website, put in their information, and the software will take them right to their HOA website, complete with your logo in the top corner. It's seamless, professional looking, and impresses both your clients and your prospects.
Dramatically improve the success of your presentations, bringing on new HOA customers faster than you ever imagined. Show your prospects new capabilities of these HOA websites.
Show how homeowners can look up their payment history. Or how they can enter work order requests or change their mailing address or sign up for automatic withdrawal from their checking account and how this automatically changes the information in the back-end accounting system! For a real eye-opener, how about showing them how board members can review financial statements or running bank accounts for any month and year desired - even the current month-to-date. Or how about delinquent aging reports - it's all real-time and is updated instantly as information is posted. The demonstration and the business is yours, since you are the only company offering these services!
Reduce the calls and administrative work your staff performs.
With more and more administrative functions being performed by homeowners on their website, that means less time your staff must spend changing addresses, signing people up for ACH or answering questions about payments.
Once your clients get used to these services, you have them for life.
Once board members become used to reviewing current financial statements on-line, once homeowners realize they can look up payment histories, change addresses and sign up for ACH through their website, it is very difficult to go without these services. It is a hook that is very hard for your competitors to duplicate and your customers to give up!
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