Welcome to Hometastic v4.0

Hometastic.com Netowrk

The Hometastic.com network provides property management companies with the ability to offer web sites for the homeowner associations they manage. This web software provides associations with the standard services like document postings, calendar of events, newsletters, opinion voting with graphic results, etc.

Hometastic is wholly owned by Advantos Systems, Inc., creators of the DataTrust Property Management Software. Hometastic web sites require the use of the DataTrust Property Management Software. When these software products are used together, this greatly expands the capabilities of the website software, for it allows a direct link between the HOA websites and the back-end accounting information from DataTrust Software.

Homeowners can now go to their website and view or print a payment history on their account. They can also put in work order requests, change their mailing address and sign up for ACH payments. All this integrates directly with the back-end accounting. Board members can view financial statements, running bank accounts and delinquent aging reports - all in real time. As the accounting department posts the payments, it automatically updates any information displayed to homeowners through the websites.

The Hometastic.com network gives property management companies much more success in presentations to new prospects. It also helps to keep existing clients who very quickly become used to the unique services of Hometastic and DataTrust by Advantos.