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HOA Benefits

If your association is not managed by a company using DataTrust by Advantos software, it needs to be. The HOA websites have special links that allow them to pipe information from the DataTrust accounting and property management software right to the websites for viewing by the association members. The HOA websites do not work without this link.
Our websites collect and distribute information for homeowners. It is a collection point where all members can go to review information posted on the website or information the homeowners need from the accounting back-end. Some examples of this sharing of information are:

Document Posting Any document can be posted on the HOA website. Board meeting minutes, rules and regulations, CC&R documents. You name it. It can be posted with a simple upload of a word document. And made available to all the homeowners.

Survey Section Post a question with several optional answers and the homeowners can express their opinion. Easy to read graphs chart the results for the board to review.

Important Events At The Association Crime information, volunteer opportunities, newsletters, upcoming events, calendar of events. All designed to keep association members better informed.

Information On Local Vendors It's easy. Need local vendor services and don't know whom to turn to? Just click on 'Services' button and get a list of vendors by category. Lists their phone#, fax and email address.

Share Information With The Accounting Back-end Homeowners can enter work order requests, sign up for automatic withdrawal from their checking account, look up payment histories, change their mailing address, etc. Board members can review all financial statements, including bankbook transactions and even the current month-to-date income statement!

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